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Well Person Clinic

Health Screening

Invest in your future health with a comprehensive Health Screen. The Health and Aesthetic Clinic will provide not only general health care, but also focuses on promoting and maintaining good health by early detection and prevention of diseases.

What is health screening?

Health Screening in the UK is a set of tests and examinations that are performed to detect an illness or condition before its symptoms are pronounced. This process involves different types of health screening, for example, women (Well Woman Clinic) and male (Well Man Clinic) health screening, or fitness and executive medical check-ups. Our Health Screening Services include testing for cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The Health and Aesthetic Clinic provides cost effective and comprehensive private health screening in your local area for your family and employees in the form of our Essential Health Screen and our Well Woman Clinic.  This consists of a doctor's consultation with a full medical and family history, a complete medical examination and the necessary tests to provide a comprehensive, detailed and advanced health assessment.