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Surgical Medicine is a new and developing arm of medicine and many cosmetic clinicians are still novices at assessing the face and choosing the correct treatment to improve a patient facial appearance. The photograph is a visual overview of what happens to an ageing face. In most cases the dermis of the skin will become thinner resulting in skin laxity which droops downward causing deep nasolabial folds and oral commissures. These facial problems can only be improved with surgery or by injecting fillers to lift the face upwards. Unfortunately fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are too expensive to use in large volume and in most cases the patient is treated inappropriately by treating a line.

The advent of semi permanent fillers such as Radiesse™ has given cosmetic clinicians the ability to use less expensive product to fill large areas of the face resulting in a more youthful appearance.




 What is Radiesse®?
Radiesse® is an injectable filler for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. It lasts longer than fillers such as Restylane, and is a particularly good treatment for correcting nasolabial folds (the lines that extend from the corner of your nose to the corner of your mouth).

How is it different to other fillers?
Radiesse® is different to fillers such as Restylane as it works with your body stimulating collagen production and encouraging tissue regeneration just below the skin’s surface. It does more than just temporarily fill-in facial lines and wrinkles - it rebuilds your skin’s foundation.

It is made of very small, smooth calcium hydroxylapitite (CaHA) microspheres, suspended in a water-based gel carrier. As Radiesse® is injected, the gel and Radiesse® microspheres form a “scaffold”, stimulating collagen production and encouraging tissue growth in and around the injection area. This “partnership” between Radiesse® and your own body creates a natural look, comprised of your own tissue and Radiesse® microspheres.

Over time (usually around 6 weeks), your body absorbs the gel carrier while collagen has started to grow and infiltrate the area, replacing the gel with your own, natural tissue. The Radiesse® microspheres continue to provide the support and structure for your body to grow new tissue and collagen until the microspheres are also safely and naturally absorbed into your body.

What will happen during the treatment?
Following a thorough facial analysis and detailed discussion of the proposed treatment plan, the treatment can be started straight away, no patch-test is necessary. A small amount of gel is injected into the skin with a very fine needle, immediately lifting and smoothing out wrinkles: the results are instant. An ice-pack may be applied to the treatment area to help reduce swelling.

How long does the treatment take?
Treatment time is approximately 30 minutes.

 Is it painful?
No. However, as with any injection there may be some discomfort. Usually only an anesthetic cream is required. As all treatments are performed by doctors we are able to use local anaesthetic injections if necessary, which allow treatments to be entirely pain free.

How long will the treatment last?
Results of a single treatment should last around 2 years. Individual results may vary, affected by age, skin-type, lifestyle and muscle activity.

What are the possible side-effects?
Very few side-effects have been reported in clinical trials and in actual usage. However, you might experience some common injection-related reactions, like swelling, pain, itching and tenderness at the injection site. This usually settles within 24-48 hours

Post-treatment care
Most patients feel comfortable going back to their normal daily activities immediately. For 24 hours following treatment try to avoid significant movement or massage of the treated area and extensive sun or heat exposure.

Are there any long-term problems?
No, the gel carrier dissolves within months and the structural microspheres are completely broken down through the body’s natural processes.

 How safe is it?

Calcium hydroxylapatite has a long history of safe use in otology (ears), laryngeal (vocal cords) and dental and orthopedic applications.

With regards to its use in aesthetic medicine, hundreds of thousands of patients have experienced Radiesse® and more than 4,000 physicians worldwide have been trained to provide Radiesse® treatments. Through years of clinical studies and independent research, Radiesse® has been proven to be safe and effective.

 Without touch-up injections how will my skin look?

Your skin will begin to gradually look like it did before treatment as you near the end of the time period Radiesse® usually lasts. Periodic touch-up injections will help you maintain the look you have after treatment.

Can Radiesse® be used with Botox or other fillers?

Yes. However, it is important to discuss all previous treatments with your doctor as Radiesse® should not be injected over permanent