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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition that affects the ovaries of a woman.
The three main features of the condition are:

  • Cysts develop in the ovaries

  • Ovaries do not regularly release eggs

  • High levels of "male hormones" called androgens in the body

The diagnosis of  PCOS is made if at least two of these features is present.


Indicators of PCOS usually become obvious during late teens or early twenties. They can include:

  • Irregular or no periods at all

  • Weight gain

  • Difficulty in getting pregnant  

  • Excessive hair growth - usually on the face, chest, back or buttocks

  • Thinning hair from the head

  • Oily skin or Acne  

Treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome:

Though there's no cure for PCOS, but its symptoms can be treated.Losing weight and eating a healthy diet can help reduce some symptoms.Medications can help to treat symptoms such as excessive hair growth, irregular periods and fertility problems.

Unwanted hair growth and hair loss:


Medications like combined oral contraceptive tablets such as co-cyprindiol, Dianette. Marvelon and Yasmin, and other medications like cyproterone acetate etc are available to control excessive hair growth and hair loss. These medications work by blocking the effects of "male hormones", such as testosterone and some also suppress production of these hormones by the ovaries. There are also some creams available to decrease the hair-growth when combined with waxing, plucking, threading etc.

In the long run probably the most cost effective way of reducing the hair and increasing the duration between hair removal is
Laser hair reduction.

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