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Patient stories*

 1-About 3 years ago I went for a consulation to Healt & Aesthetic Clinic In Shooters Hill south east London.

I was first sceptical and nervous about the treatments that the clinic provided. At the consultation I met Dr Kaur, who made me feel completely at ease. Dr Kaur has a great understanding of aesthetics, her advice and suggestions as to what were the best course of cosmetic treatments for me( Botox and fillers) reassured me and gave me the comfidence that I nneded to go ahead with the treatments as she recommended.
Dr Kaur started by giving me Botox injections, which dramatically reduced the lines on my face , she then advised that I have fillers in my cheeks and left side of my lips ( which were drooping because of an earlier accident, the droop of my lips made it almost impossible for me to smile and made me self conscious)
Having accepted Dr Kaur’s recommendations about the type of cosmetic trreaetments needed for my cheeks and drooping lip (filler) I agreed to have the treatment carried out by Dr Kaur , at the Health & Aesthetic Clinic.
I can honestly say that I have been astounded by the results of the course of treatments administerd by Dr Kaur  on me , I now smile and laugh with complete confidence and no longer feel self conscious..
 It would be impossible for me to thank Dr kaur enough for all the sound advice and professional treatment that she has given me over the last 3 years. Needless to say that I would highly recommend Dr Kaur and the Health & Aesthetic Clinic to anyone considering getting any form of cosmetic treatment. --- D F
2-  I visited the H & A clinic earlier this year for the first time.
I went there initially after researching about facial peels on the Internet.  After reading the clinic's write up and the qualification of their doctors and in especially those of Dr Bhavjit,  I contacted the clinic. The professionalism of all the staffs and the doctors has resulted in me undergoing several treatments at the clinic. I have also recommended the clinic's to other family members.
My consultation with Dr Bhavjit, and subsequent treatment has been very successful and has reassured me to want to do further treatments with her.  Her depth of knowledge and experience has been very reassuring and has left me with no reservations about trying other treatments from her. The service given is very professional but friendly. 
The vast amount of the information requested  before each treatment is very detailed, to uncover all health matters to insure that the highest level of precautions are taken before the undertaking of any treatment. The clinic and the doctors are easily contactable following any procedures to discuss any concern that the patient might have.  
I have been very pleased with the overall care and service received and will continue to use the service of the H & A clinic.  --- M F
3- If you are looking for Non-Surgical Cosmetic treatments, weight loss, body contouring, facial contouring or simply beautifying treatments to enhance your confidence, well-being and improve your life on a day-to-day basis, look no further than the Health and Aesthetic Clinic in Shooters Hill, London! Maybe you are looking for an effective hair loss treatment, or just like me, dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing injections or body contouring and cellulite reduction treatment for your confident bikini body. Whatever it is, with Dr Bhavjit Kaur's steady hand, warm personality, professionalism and immaculate Aesthetic qualities, you will be overwhelmed with a sense of comfort and ever-so-pleasing immediate results.
Being in the Aesthetic industry for over a decade, I find it very important to maintain my youthful appearance, and naturally I'm very selective when it comes to choosing a practitioner who will do my own beautifying treatments. I find Dr Bhavjit Kaur to be one of the best for my own beautifying needs, and I would highly recommend her and the H&A clinic to fulfil any of your beautifying goals!   -- A C 
4- Yes I am very happy with results, and I totally understand regarding how much went. I will 100%'be back for more around the lower cheek area and try to pay for larger amount of filler.
Once again thank you for your kindness on the day of treatment and the  filler applied, THANK YOU!!!
The fillers I had still made me attend her office and arranged an audition, I see her face to face!!! That it self wouldn't of happened if I didn't come to see you for fillers, I wouldn't of gone to london! 
 I attended the H.A Clinic on the 2nd June 2015 for a consultation for Dermal Fillers.
On arriving at H.A Clinic I was greeted by Dr Bhavjit Kaur who kindly asked my name and politely took me up to the treatment office, instantly making me feel very relaxed and personally i felt embarrassed attending a clinic for Dermal Fillers. 
Dr Kaur was very kind and extremely approachable to talk to regarding my personal issue I had with my upper-cheek area that had sunken in (lost fullness causing a very unwell facial impression)
On taking to Dr Kaur she had some huge expertise into where the dermal fillers should be administered Around the face (upper cheek / cheek bone area) to give a more fuller look.
Before any treatment was applied Dr Kaur pointed that side-affects can happen while providing all info regarding this plus to read info carefully making sure I understood. 
Dr Kaur was extremely professional, making me feel so calm before treatment was I agreed to have done with Dr Kaur.
******TREATMENT - DERMAL FILLERS (upper cheek area)*******
I was calmly asked to sit up-right on the treatment chair while Dr Kaur arranged the correct filler  for treatment.
I was asked to hold a small mirror to help with the area that needed treatment -
1- The left side upper - cheek area was sunken in more that the right ( I didn't say anything about this) Dr Kaur was already aware of one side sunken in more which made me very looked after.
It made me realize that Dr Kaur was so professionally experienced and excellent applying the filler where I needed it.
2- The lovely Dr Kaur applied the dermal fillers to the area required with INSTANT RESULTS that I could see right away, and this was only 70% of the results! 
Dr Kaur had put more Dermal Filler into the syringe and applied in other areas around the cheek bone given me even more fuller look - this was unbelievable for Dr Kaur to apply more filler then agreed, SO A BIG THANK YOU!
I know this is not about me, but since seeing Dr Bhavjit Kaur I have attended a well known casting director since dermal fillers applied correcting certain areas of my cheek / face I would not have gone if Bhavjit Kaur wouldn't of applied the fillers she did! - BIG THANK YOU.
I strongly recommend anyone thinking about having similar treatment contacting Dr Bhavjit Kaur @ H.A CLINIC!  ----- D R 
5- I have been to H&A clinic many times and would recommend them. Dr Kaur explains things fully and is competent at what she does. . ------ T C 
 6- The Health & Aesthetic is very well presented with a welcoming team of receptionists that put you at ease and make you comfortable while you wait for your appointment.
They offer a varied range of treatments,  I myself have botox administered there.  Dr. Bhavjit Kaur is very kind and experienced in her field.  I've been to her twice now and I must say how pleased I am with the results, my lines around eyes, forehead and upper lip are much better and have a smoother appearance, considering I am 63 - I'm very satisfied with it.
I would recommend Dr. Kaur to any of my friends and will continue to go to her in the future and maybe even try other treatments in my quest to stay younger looking.
6-- I have been been a client of Health & Aesthetic Clinic for some time now. I have been happy with the professional advice and treatment administered by the two doctors at the clinic as well as their therapists. I have had a few non surgical cosmetic treatments at their Clinic. 
With Botox and fillers, I  wanted a subtle rather than a dramatic outcome. Dr Bhavjit certainly advocates a ‘less is more’ approach and uses the injectables with symmetry and subtle enhancement in mind with natural yet pleasing results. 
Health and Aesthetic clinic certainly brings Harley Street treatments and expertise to the locality - but without the Harley Street costs!  ------ S N 
7-  I visit this clinic for around 2 years now and I am very happy that I found it. The service is excellent and people working here are very friendly and helpful.
 I receive some treatments such as Botox, Dermal Fillers and I am so happy, that my face is looking younger for my age. I am 44, but people gives me no more than 35. I am very pleased with professional advice given to me and I will continue to have treatments at this clinic.
 Thank you again for your excellent work  ----- L B 

*Disclaimer:  Please note, actual results may vary from person to person.