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Complaints Procedure

Comments, complaints and compliments

The Health and Aesthetics Clinic operates a Complaint Procedure as part of its Policy in dealing with complaints that is in compliance with the standards of the Care Quality Commission.

Our aim is to give patients the highest possible standards of care and service.  Although, we understand that patients may have comments/suggestions to improve our services or complaints regarding their experience with us.  In either event  our Complaints Procedure is designed to deal with any complaint as quickly as possible.
Our staff will assist you at every point in making a complaint via our complaints procedure.  Irrespective of race, age, disability or background.
Patients are asked that in the event of any complaint, please speak or write to the Practice Manger or email us at
Where a Patient is not satisfied and requests further advice or support in using our complaints procedure they should be directed to the registered manager whom, if it is deemed necessary, will recommend an independent advocate such as the Citizens Advice Bureau for local resolution.
All complaints are documented and presented to the Care Quality Commission at our annual inspection. 
If, however, your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction via our Complaints Procedure please feel free to write to an independent advocate.