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Facial Contouring

Non Surgical Facial Contouring

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Endermolift ™   100% Natural Anti-Aging Cellular Stimulation

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Fat dissolving injection ( double chin and jowls)

Facial contouring is a specialist procedure and only clinicians with special training are able to achieve ultimate aesthetic outcomes. The industry is plagued with improperly trained clinicians who claim to be rejuvenation specialists. It is important that you the patient know how to access the clinician skill sets to evaluate if they can achieve the results you are aspiring to.

What is Non Surgical Facial Contouring?

 The picture above demonstrates the effects of ageing. It is not the lines on the face which determines how old one looks but the laxity of certain key areas of the face which causes a line or  fold to develop. For example, the laxity of the skin around the eyes causes a drooping effect. The laxity of the cheeks and jaw line has developed deep folds around the mouth and mouth to nose area. Fixing the line will not make the patient look younger since the cheek and jaw line have been ignored. It is important that your clinician understand anatomy and is properly skilled in a range of treatments in order to improve one’s facial appearance.

In the above situation, the patient will need to engage in a series of multiple treatments to bring youthfulness to the face. Upper face will most probably need a blepharoplasty or Muscle relaxant treatment if surgery is not desired. Chemical Peels are used to improve skin texture and eradicate superficial lines around the eyes and upper lip. Radiesse™ is used to augment the cheek and lower jaw line to lift the cheeks and jaw line which will bring balance and symmetry to the face. Dermal Filler  can be used to enhance the lips.  Fillers and Muscle relaxants can be used to minimize the jowls around the neck area. Liposuction and laser treatments can be used to augment the results obtained. It will take a combination of treatments to achieve youthfulness to the ageing face above. It is for this reason that the patient need to assess if their clinicians are truly experts. Selecting inexperienced clinicians will always lead to disappointments and huge financial loss.

At the Health and Aesthetic Clinic our clinicians are trained in facial contouring and facial ageing. We provide specialist treatment outcomes without specialist prices.