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Ethnic Skin

One of the major problems in the medical aesthetic industry is that almost all of the new developments are focused around skin and health problems related to the dominant Caucasian market. In fact, there are very few UK clinicians or beauty therapists who have the requisite experience to deal successfully with ethnic skin [such as African or Asian skin types] and therefore the dermatological, medical or beauty advice given to ethnic people who present with problems is imprecise and clinically unproven.

At the  Health and Aesthetic Clinic is one of the most innovative and all-inclusive medi-spas. The Health and Aesthetic Clinic’s philosophy is to provide an integrated approach to beauty and non-surgical medicine for all ethnicities.

We are aware that there are problems which affect people of colour and require specialist assessment and treatments. There are various factors that can affect your skin, hair and nails which might cause embarrassment and frustration. To meet the changing demographics of patients requiring cosmetic and aesthetic procedures it is important to have a thorough understanding of the structure and function of the skin as well as how it differs with special reference to pigmented Skin.

Doctors at Health and Aesthetic Clinic specialise in skin care for the general population but have an expertise in treating conditions affecting ethnic population. Our facilities have state of the art equipment and we use bespoke cosmeceutical products to meet all of your needs.

Treatment & services related to ethnic skin:

·         General skin care advice/regime

·         Management of acne

·         Management of shaving/razor bumps

·         Hair Loss (women and men)

·         Pigmented Skin  Problems

·         Keloids

·         Laser Hair Removal (Pain Free Laser from Syneron Candela)

·         Chemical Peels

·         Skin Lightening

·         In-grown hair

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