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Clinic Registration

Why our clinic is NOT a member of the VOLUNTARY ‘Treatments you can Trust Scheme’

The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) promotes a government-backed 'voluntary' quality assurance scheme (like a "register") for cosmetic injectable treatments that is called 'Treatments You Can Trust''. 

The scheme enables clinics providing cosmetic treatments to join a register to demonstrate they meet a set of minimum standards that help to promote patient safety. Members of the register are then able to display the "kite-mark-type" symbol as shown below.

The IHAS is a private company, not a government department or agency and the actual administration of the scheme is contracted out to another private company. 

 Why we are not a member of the voluntary 'Treatments You Can Trust' Scheme 

Our clinic is not registered with the 'Treatments You Can Trust' voluntary scheme because we are already registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the government's own healthcare regulator in England.

We are therefore regulated in a same way as hospitals and other independent healthcare providers and the standards and requirements placed upon us through that CQC registration are far more stringent than the voluntary IHAS scheme. 


While the IHAS voluntary scheme is a welcome step forward for the unregulated cosmetic injectable market, it does not go far enough. The industry needs proper regulation to safeguard patient safety because 'cowboy' providers can still operate outside any voluntary scheme. 

Following the PIP breast implant scandal, our clinic believes that all cosmetic procedures should be regulated and we fully supports growing calls for this to happen.

We also use Allergan products and you can decide with confidence to choose our clinic for your treatments.